Heading Home

Spring has finally come to England, and with it, spring break. It’s a much needed vacation from lesson planning, teaching, paperwork and detentions. I’m very lucky because as well as having two weeks off, in a few days I am headed home to the states to see family, friends and furry loved ones for the first time in 17 months. Saying goodbye to St Paul’s and clouds and hello to sunshine and prairie grasses!

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  1. Clare April 3, 2014

    Have a lovely, lovely time. You deserve a rest.

  2. Darlene April 3, 2014

    How exciting! Hugs from family are nice but oh, the jumping and squealing when your furry friends see you. Well, in the case of dogs, that is. Have a super time back in the U.S. of A!

    • Kate May 27, 2014

      Thank you, Darlene! I had a wonderful time, and while I was inevitably sad and missing Dallas when I got back to London, it felt like I was coming home. It’s lovely to be in England in springtime. Are you planning a trip to the UK this year? I’d really love to meet up with you if you make it over.

  3. Mary Ellen May 8, 2014

    I hope you had a nice visit home and that it was not too hard to leave your furry friends behind again. Congrats on your new niece. We miss you at the Manske Library. We are now meeting every Wednesday and are currently on our fourth librarian. It is so nice to read about your adventures. I hope you are having a wonderful life.

    • Kate May 27, 2014

      Hello Mary Ellen! Your comment was a lovely surprise (you can tell how often I log-in to this website) and it’s wonderful to hear from you. I miss our knitting group, too, and am glad you’re all still meeting, even with the revolving door of librarians. 🙂

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